Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nonfiction: Uncle John's Wild and Wooly Bathroom Reader

For any kid who loves the Guinness Book of World Records, this collection of silly stories, fabulous facts and unbelievable exploits will keep you turning pages long into the night. This version of the famous Uncle John's Bathroom Readers is all about wild and wooly animals. You can find out why the Hippopotamus sweats blood, how keen a dog's sense of smell can be, and what you should call a group of giraffes (a tower). This book is amazing!

Grades 3-7
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Fiction: The Lightning Thief

In this fast paced novel, 12 year old Percy just can't seem to get along with his stepdad. When they butt heads once too often, Percy gets sent to a camp for "problem" kids; Camp Halfblood. But pretty soon, Percy finds out that his troubles aren't just bad luck; they're his destiny! Percy's real name is Perseus, and he is the half blood son of a human woman, and Posiedon, the Greek god of the Ocean! Now, it's great to have power over earthquakes, and to never have to worry about drowning, but Percy's dad is in real trouble. Someone has framed Posiedon!

Zeus, the chief god of Olympus, is convinced that Posiedon has stolen his lightning bolt, the source of his power. Only Percy and his half blood friends can slip into Hades, and find out who's really behind this dastardly deed!

Half mystery, half fantasy, and all fun, this book packs a whole lot of adventure (and Greek mythology) into an exciting book. Watch for the sequel, The Sea of Monsters!

Grades 5 and up
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Graphic Novel: Babymouse: Our Hero

Babymouse is a charming young mouse who is girly, spunky and brave: except when it comes to dodgeball. In this graphic novel, Babymouse must confront her terrible fear of this most dreaded of gym games. Wilson Weasel, her best friend, coaches Babymouse patiently...But you will have to read this fantastic comic to find out whether Babymouse can outwit the sneaky Felicia Furrpaws on the court!

Babymouse is probably the coolest mouse ever, as well as the nicest; don't miss your chance to read some of her many books.

Graphic Novel
Grades 3-6
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