Monday, March 08, 2010

Fantasy: Enchanted Glass

Diana Wynne Jones is a master storyteller whose characters are always likeable, unique, and powerfully magical. In this latest tale, scholar Andrew Hope's aged grandfather dies and leaves him an old and enchanted family estate. Andrew knows there is something special about the house and grounds, but he can't seem to pull himself away from the scholarly book he wants to write in order to think about it.

It takes one desperate twelve year old boy to pull Andrew out of his academic stupor. When Aidan Gain turns up on Andrew's doorstep, there's nothing to do but take the boy in. After all, he has some fairly nasty faerie haunts chasing him! Throw in one ill tempered housekeeper and a crotchety gardener, and things start getting tricky. All of a sudden, Andrew is managing his rebellious household staff (who are also strongly magical) while trying to find out who or what is chasing down Aidan. Add in an ancient and maelevolent faerie lord and his several ex wives (Titania and Queen Mab!) and you've got a hilariously chaotic scramble for power.

Somehow the complicated threads of this tale come together in a satisfying conclusion, where the evildoers receive a richly deserved compeuppance, and the heroes end up living in magical harmony. (sort of!) Kids who like fantasy with a dash of humour will enjoy this rollicking tale.
Ages 11-14
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Friday, March 05, 2010

Science Fiction: Claim to Fame

Bestselling author Margaret Peterson Haddix has written another fast paced Science Fiction mystery.

Five years ago, Lindsay Scott was the child star of a hit TV sitcom. Then, without warning, she disappeared from the public eye. Of course people gossiped, and when a tabloid publishes a story about how Lindsay is being held hostage by her dad in a Hicksville small town, a couple of well-meaning teenage boys decide to rescue her.

But the real story is much more complicated. When Lindsay turned 12, she began hearing voices. And not just a few: Lindsay could hear anything that anyone said about her, anywhere in the world. It was more of a curse than a talent, and Lindsay's college professor dad relocated them to a small town where, miraculously, they found a house that blocked out the voices. Since then, Lindsay has rarely gone outside the safety of the house's yard. So when the boys say that they know she's a prisoner, in many ways they're right.

After the rescue attempt, Lindsay finds that she can't ignore what's happening to her anymore. She's tired of hiding from her talent, and it seems that there are others in her small town who know more about her family than she does. Could it be that others have the same gift? How much will Lindsay risk to find out the truth?

Science Fiction
Grades 5-9
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