Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fantasy: Tunnels

This book created a storm of publicity when it was published in England. It tells the story of Will Burrows, whose hobby (or perhaps obsession) is doing amateur digs with his archaeologist father. In their spare time, Will and his dad dig underground looking for strange historical objects in caves and secret tunnels.

But when Will's dad suddenly disappears, Will and his best friend Chester must follow him underground. It seems that Mr. Burrows was working on a secret project; a project that has led him deeper than ever before. Down, down into the earth go his tunnels, and at the bottom (or what they think is the bottom) a whole other world is waiting. Will finds his father, but the foundations of his world are rocked when he also discovers that everything he holds dear is a lie.

A great fantasy read, highly recommended for those who liked The Lightning Thief and Harry Potter. Watch for the sequel, Deeper, coming soon.

Grades 4-8
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Easy Reader" Sharks!

National Geographic publishes some excellent children's books, and their reader series is no exception. Sharks! is the first of their new easy reader series, aimed at children in late kindergarten and grade one. The easy text contains exciting information about the topic, and there are tons of the vivid, gripping photographs that National Geographic is known for.
Boys in particular will appreciate this series, as the nonfiction format is often more appealing to them than the stories or personal dramas. Try this book (or the other in the series, Volcanoes!) with reluctant readers; for extra reading impact, check out some other nonfiction books and read them together to build interest in the topic.

Easy Reader
Grades K-2
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