Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fiction: Amelia's Guide to Babysitting

The Amelia's Notebook series is written by Marissa Moss, and it's aimed at middle school girls. The notebooks start when Amelia is in fifth grade, with subsequent notebooks following her as she passes through sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.

In this book, Amelia is in grade six. She's decided to try her hand at babysitting to make some extra cash. Little does she know...babies can be hard work!
The book is written in what looks just like a standard school notebook, complete with lined pages and periodical tables/measurement charts at the front and back. Amelia has recorded her babysitting adventures in diary style format, with liberal use of colour cartoons and notes. The writing and art look just like a sixth grader's work, and this is a great book for encouraging kids to start keeping their own diary/comic notebook. What an excellent way to support writing skills! This is a fun, fast read for middle school girls, and most will identify easily with Amelia and her troubles.

Grades 4-8
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