Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fiction: Jolted

Arthur Slade is the Canadian author of Dust and Tribes. This book for younger readers has the same crackling energy and tension as his young adult books.

Newton Starker has always known that he will die by lightning. Every Starker relative except his mean, bitter great grandma has died by lightning strike, including his mother.

Newton is determined to fight the odds, so he signs on for the Academy for Survival, a boarding school in remote Saskatchewan where kids are taught wilderness and emergency survival skills alongside math and english.

But Newton has trouble dealing with the other students, rather than inclement weather. Although he's generally successful at avoiding deadly electricity, he's not having much luck making friends and keeping out of trouble. Things come to a head during the semester's final Wilderness Trip, and Newton has to decide who he can trust while the clouds gather!

This is a fast paced book with unique, standout characters. Great for boys or reluctant readers.


Grades 5-7

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