Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Graphic Novel: Binky the Space Cat

Binky is a cat with a purpose! His mission? To fly into OUTER SPACE! He's all ready to go, now that his official space cat certification has arrived in the mail (courtesy of a postcard he found in his cat food bag). It's very important that Binky get into outer space, because he wants to fight aliens!

Of course, Outer Space is the space outside the house, and aliens are those flying creatures that dumb humans keep referring to as bugs. Binky does a great job of keeping his dumb humans safe inside (he chases and crunches up any bug he finds) but he knows it's time to go straight to the source of the problem.

Once Binky builds his rocket ship, there's nothing to do but fill it up with rocket fuel, climb onboard, and check his important list of things to bring one last time...uh oh! He forgot his humans! What to do?

This is a funny and simple graphic novel for the under 12 crowd. Anyone who likes garfields will love Binky!

Graphic novel

Grades 2-5

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