Thursday, October 22, 2009

Picture Book: The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear

Every once in a while, you come across a book that will surely change the face of childhood. This one is it! Remember Rock Paper Scissors? Kiss it goodbye. It's being replaced with Ninja Cowboy Bear!
This book tells the legend of three friends: ninja, cowboy and bear. They usually live harmoniously, but one day they all get in an argument about who's the best.
When they devise some tests to find out who's the best, of course they each win a different competetion. The cowboy is quick; the bear is strong; the ninja is agile.
After some thought, the friends decide that they are each best in their own way. The book ends with a visual description of how to play Ninja, Cowboy, Bear. Unlike the hand-based Rock Paper Scissors, playing Ninja Cowboy Bear is a whole body experience. Players stand back to back, then walk three paces as they count 1, 2, 3. On "turn", they turn around and pretend to be their chosen character. Ninja strikes a kicking pose; cowboy pulls his guns, and bear towers threateningly. Ninja beats cowboy, cowboy beats bear, and bear beats ninja!
Now you know; go forth and play childhood's newest tie breaking game! A fantastic pick for active kids, with a nice little moral hidden in the story.
Picture Book
Grades 2-6
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